For this project I obtained a brief from Fake Clients, allowing me to take this personal project away from the typical 'do what I want' process. My main goal of this project was to imagine Hot Home as a genuine client, achieving their goal of creative a vibrant brand guide for their estate agent service.
In the ideation phase, I explored different identities that could represent the heat and desirable nature of house buying. The challenge was to create a mark that would resonate with a younger market while staying true to the service field (the property market). 
With the final branding, I created the illusion of a building using lines and the letters 'HH'; this resulted in a stylish yet playful logo that represented the newness and strength of the Hot Home business. The additional brand layers, such as the font and colour palette, were selected to represent the youthful yet decisive nature of the Hot Home customer.
To accompany the Hot Home brand guide, I developed a variety of marketing materials to communicate Hot Home activations. The assets consisted of posts, stories and animated assets; using brand elements such as the 'roof' shape to unlock the brand identity and add visual interest to the social media posts.
To represent the full potential of the Hot Home brand guide, I developed a stationary mock-up; this showcases the vibrant yet professional composition of Hot Home assets.
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