UX and UI Design

A new favourite, a new addition to my digital collection.


New! UX/UI Case Study, 2018

Genome is a collaborative project that helps patients link up with nearby clinical trials. The UX is designed to help the patient in whatever way possible and the UI is designed to reflect Genome's calm approach to difficult problem solving.


New! UX/UI Case Study, 2018

Introducing Swoon, the newest dating service. The swoon UX was put together to improve on current dating services available; the experience is designed to offer more information in a more useful format. The UI is modern and flirtatious, just like the brand.


New! UX/UI Case Study, 2018

React is a fictitious application made to partner amazon react, a fictional service made for one of my projects. The UX is made to deliver quick time based information, condensing delivery information into an accessible format. The UI is designed around the brand, ergonomic buttons and quick information.

"Pocket Learner"

UX/UI Case Study, 2018

The pocket learner app is a service designed to help educate children with learning difficulties; the UX is a simple journey of word learning, association and the picture learning all accompanied with audio playback. The UI is designed to reflect the brand, made to be playful and energetic; with buttons and navigation being built in the simplest possible way so that any user can learn through the pocket learner.