Take a look at what makes me snap (a photo)!


Photography Case Study, 2017

A selection of iphone-tography images helped me kickstart my second year of University. We were challenged with creating work based on a word, here is "Value". A lot of people associate value with money, whereas I thought of something closer to home. The warmth of the orange travels through the human connection and imbues it with love.

"Mind of a Teen"

Photography Case Study, 2016

A sub-project I conceptualised while doing some street photography in Central London. I explored themes of emotional distess, mystery and mental health in teenagers. The result is an un-easy, colourful mixture of tones and feelings; to represent the constant changes in teenage mentality.

"Pug Portrait"

Photography Case Study, 2016

There is one thing you should know about me, I love pugs. In this project, I explored the different angles of pug laziness while exploring the different styles of exposure. The Pug Portrait project allowed me to strengthen my portraiture skills with a model more stable than others.

"Streets of London"

Photography Case Study, 2016

I really enjoy Street Photography, whether it is architecture or just people, there is always something to capture. I find simplicity in complexity and vice versa, I think street photography perfectly captures this idea. Here shows the beauty of love amongst the simplicity of walking down the street.

"The Paris Collection"

Photography Case Study, 2016

A part of one of my first year university assignments was my project titled the Paris collection. When visiting Paris, or any city, I like to enhance the standard tourist photo to emphasise the drama and character of these beautiful cities. I decided to further the drama by using photoshop to add extra elements.

"Save The World"

Photography Case Study, 2016

This super project was my first studio shoot and potentially one of my favourites. I love female superhero characters, I love their strength and courage. I see that strength in all women and I wanted to capture this in an awesome studio photoshoot. A good friend of mine became the hero and suited up for camera.

"DX Collection"

Photography Case Study, 2015

The DX Collection is one of my A-level projects, a project with double exposure as the main theme throughout. It started as a mixture of ideas but then centered on architecture and modern design; this project put my photoshop skills through their paces and prepared me for future work.

"The Family Collection"

Photography Case Study, 2015

The Family Collection was another project that focused on double exposure and photoshop skills. I approached this project with family, belonging and love in mind. The project also explores the feeling of loss and disorientation.


Photography Case Study, 2014

Derelict was an early A-level project, at the time I lived near a derelict estate and I could not resist. I love derelict buildings, despite their emptiness, I find their have so much character and depth; I wanted to capture this in the project.